Hi Neighbors,

Two safety concerns came out of our last Village Green HOA meeting. The first is that the Sheriffs Department has a 160% increase in cases involving the Homeless. That is like going from 10 to 26 in one month. Apparently the Knoxville crack down on the homeless and aggressive panhandling has moved the problem into Farragut. The homeless are taking the last bus from Knoxville and coming to take advantage of our charitable nature. Unfortunately, the word spreads quickly bout which homes are giving in nature and the next thing you know several strangers are knocking on your door or lingering around your home. A half dozen or so homeless were moved from a temporary encampment just off the Greenway trail behind Farragut Primary School. Please, report any suspicious persons to the Sheriffs Department.

The other safety concern is an advisory to stay alert during the hours of Trick of Treat on Thursday 31 October. Not all trick or treaters carry lights or wear reflective Costumes. Also, an early heads up on two marathon which will pass through the neighborhood on Saturday 9 November and Friday 29 November.

The last item concerns the rezoning of the Property behind Ingles Foods along Boring Road. First thank you to the dozen or so neighbors who attended the Municipal Planning Commission meeting last Thursday. The MPC tabled the proposed medium density zoning description until they can reevaluate the entire land use plan. This will then allow them to develop a zoning description that is acceptable to the Farragut residents and fits more than one unique situation. The group, Farragut Citizens for Responsible Growth and Development, will stay on top of this and a couple of other issues and keep the HOAs informed as to when our attention and involvement may be needed.

Have a Great Navy/Marine Corps Day!

Rich Cataldi

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