Hi Neighbors,

The third quarter Newsletter has gone to print and should be in your newspaper box by next Wednesday. I'm doing my best to keep it to two pages and still get important information out to everyone.

School is back in session so please slow down and keep your eyes open in the neighborhood. We discussed the traffic situation at intersections of Campbell Station Road and Old Colony and Old Colony and Russfield at the last HOA Board meeting. We have asked the Town of Farragut for the corners to have No Parking Here To Corner signs and yellow curbs painted at the Campbell Station entrance. The point is, you need to take special care and keep your eyes open and be prepared to drive defensively.

The pools will close on Monday evening, Labor Day, 3 September. I have issued 40 more annual Pool Passes than last year., and pool use was up by more than 750 guests over the same period last year. Next year the passes will be referred to as Annual Membership cards. They will still be numbered and will not only get you into the pools but also admit your household to our social functions. For those of you who are new to the neighborhood, you may not aware that we have had as many as 3 dozen families from surrounding neighborhoods who frequented our pools thinking and sometimes arguing that our pools were open to the public.

Our Social committee is planning an Adult Social for Friday, September 7, at the Clubhouse from 7 PM to 9 PM. Finger food and soft drinks and maybe a little bubbly will be provided. They ask that you bring something to share as well as your good cheer. Come meet some of your new neighbors. I believe we have nearly 30 new households in the Village just this year. Your 2018 pool pass is your key to the festivities. Don't have a Pool Pass call me. We hope you will join us!

Over the past two months and last two HOA board meetings the Directors have heard from a dozen neighbors about their disappointment in one or more neighbors on their street. 12-inch-high grass, weeds growing along the curb and in the street, fallen limbs, branches and trees are becoming a nuisance theme. There are 460 homes in our development, 90% of our neighbors are working hard to keep up their property and the value of OUR investments. Those who are not cutting their lawns regularly and keeping our curbs and sidewalks clear of weeds and debris are lowering our curb appeal and, therefore, our property values.

When I receive a complaint either at home or at a Board meeting, my first question is usually, "Have you spoken to your neighbor?" I have in the past knocked on doors. But I was recently advised by our Sheriff's representative to discontinue that practice. The Board of Directors is charged with enforcing our Covenants and Restrictions. While we already have procedures in place to do just that, we are also considering strengthening those procedure. Once we become aware of a violation we can notify a VGHOA resident that they are in violation of the covenants and at that time they lose their membership privileges for 30 days as well as their HOA voting rights. As many of our covenants are also Town of Farragut Ordinances, the Town of Farragut is also willing to act once they are aware that we have notified a resident of a covenant violation. If the violation is clean-up, tree removal, removing debris from along the storm waterways, etc., the violator will receive a fine as well as a bill for the work completed.

I've mentioned the Covenants and Restrictions here and on Facebook and at our last two HOA meetings. We have had them reviewed by an attorney specializing in HOA law, by a committee of our neighbors and by the last and current Board of Directors. We are days away from putting the Final Draft on line for your review. Once we publish, we will notify you on how to access the draft and provide you with a date on which we will vote to approve them. You will also receive a proxy ballot. So, if you can't make it to the Clubhouse, you can still have your voice heard. There are three significant issues at play. I will create a post on each and send email blast to the neighborhood.

Have a Great Day!

Rich Cataldi, President

Village Green has a number of planned activities throughout the year.  In addition, we have clubs and our own swim team, the Gators.  Listed below are the activities coming up in the next couple of months.  Click on the activity title to see pictures and details about the activity.

Upcoming Events

2nd Sunday of the Month, 7:00 pm, except on holidays. Notice will be given for holiday changes.Board Meeting