Hi Neighbors,

During our monthly HOA Board meeting Officer Win Ragon gave his annual safety/security report. We had a bit of an increase in call outs this last year but that appears to be because more residents know to call Officer Regon. Overall, we live in a quiet neighborhood with little crime. However, Officer Ragon offered a couple of tips based upon incidents that occurred this last year.

One of our residents was followed home after shopping and after opening her garage door a man walked in while she was unloading her groceries. Her startled scream drove him off. Officer Ragon advises everyone to stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

In another incident a homeowner heard a noise at the back door late at night and rather than looking first through a window, he opened the door and found a man on his patio. Fortunately, the incident ended with the stranger making some excuse and leaving. Officer Ragon advises to not open your door to anyone you do not know. If you are not already expecting visitors, do not just open your door to a ring or a knock. LOOK AND CONFIRM that you know the person through a window or door peephole before exposing yourself to unknown individuals. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW the person, talk to them from a window or behind a locked door WITHOUT allowing them access to your home. If you are behind a window, have a telephone in your hand and LET THEM SEE that you are prepared to call the Police if needed.

REMEMBER!! It is your home and you CONTROL THE CONVERSATION. Do not let them fast-talk or convince you into doing anything you find uncomfortable.

Lastly, Village Green is again filling with young families and there are lots of youngsters out and about. Please, drive the 25 mph speed limit.

Happy Spring Time just around the corner.

Have a Great Day!

Rich Cataldi

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