Swim Fun at Village Green

Village Green has two swim pools which are open during the summer with life guards for safety. The pools operate on a schedule that allows time for private pool parties. "Kiddy" pools are located next to the both pools.

The "Monticello Pool" is located on Four Seasons Lane off S. Monticello Dr. and is also used by the Village Green "Gator" swim team for practice and local meets.  The "Clubhouse Pool" is located next to the Village Green "Four Seasons Clubhouse" on W Heritage Dr. You can find the location of the pools on the map of Village Green

Pool Membership

Village Green residents have a pool membership included in their annual fees. Village Green allows a limited number of non-residents to obtain a recreational membership which allows them to use the pool, tennis courts, etc. Full membership status gives members unlimited swims during operating hours and permission to bring non-members as paying guests.

You can get more information and the application for membership on the Recreational Membership page (pdf).