Village Green has four hard-surface tennis courts that are open year round to residents and Recreational Members. We provide opportunities for all ages to enjoy the courts whether for lessons, team play or tennis mixers and socials.

Two of the courts are located near the Clubhouse pool and the other two are near the Monticello pool (lighted). Courts are locked but keys are readily available at no cost to Residents or Recreational Members and may be obtained by calling the Tennis board member. A sign with contact information is posted on the courts.

Tennis Membership

Village Green residents have a tennis membership included in their annual fees. Village Green allows a limited number of non-residents to obtain a recreational membership which allows them to use the pool, tennis courts, etc. Full membership status gives members unlimited tennis throughout the year.

You can get more information and the application for membership on the Recreational Membership page (pdf).

Tennis Court Rules

A set of rules guides the use of the tennis courts by the players. When done playing and no one else is playing, please turn off the lights when you leave. See Tennis Court Rules.pdf for further guidelines and restrictions.


VG Doubles Tennis League

Registration for the men's doubles tennis league is open up to two weeks before a season starts. Sign-up by contacting the Tennis board member or Tim Finnegan at 865-740-1192 or Tony Bukovski is implementing an auto version of scheduling.  

The registration fee is $10 per season for 2016 (to cover the cost of tennis balls) and is due at the first match. Matches are played Tuesday or Thursday nights.  Make-up matches are not structured.

There are three regular sessions and play begins at 7:00 PM.  Spring session usually starts the first week of April, Summer the second week of June, Fall the third week of August.  The “Winter Hardy” session, if enough players are interested, starts the second week of November with a matches starting at 6:00 PM.  

Signing up to become a substitute can be made at any time by contacting Tim Finnegan.  A substitute does not pay the registration fee and is on a list to be called when a regular player cannot play.  “Bye” players for that week have substitution priority.  A “bye” player is a registered player for that season but has the week off.

The player has the responsibility of securing a substitute for the evening he cannot play and should do so as early as possible.  The player (who is cannot play) is encouraged to communicate (via e-mail and/or phone on the list) the change to the remaining players on his court, before the match.

A list of each night’s groupings for the season is provided before the start of the season which contains phone numbers and e-mail address of all the players as well as phone numbers of available substitutes. Village Green residents have priority as team players; others may be on the sub-list. Contact Tim Finnegan for more information.

Match Format
Play is scheduled with four players per court.  Three sets are to be played; each player plays one set with each player. If the games in a set are tied at 6-6 (6 all) then a regulation 7 point tie breaker is played per USTA regulations to determine the set winner. NOTE: A running record of scores is not maintained.