Village Green Homeowners Association

The Village Green Homeowners Association appreciates the cooperation of VG residents in keeping Village Green a clean and beautiful neighborhood.

The Village Green HOA Board of Directors meets the second Sunday of every month at the Clubhouse at 7:00pm to help keep things running smoothly.  This is the usual schedule, but occasionally it changes. When that happens, residents are notified via email.

Residents are always welcome and encouraged to attend Village Green HOA Board of Directors meetings and should call a board member in advance if they would like to be included in the agenda to request consideration for a change in their home structure, would like to put up a fence, or if they have questions. Please see your newsletter for contact information.

New members of the Board are voted in at the January Board meeting.  On that night, there is an open house at the clubhouse starting at 6:00 pm for people to meet the candidates and watch how the board operates.

The annual dues of $495 are to be mailed to the assessments chairperson each year by January 2 and past due with late fees starting to accumulate on February 1. The address below may be used for that and for anyone who would like to contact the board for any other reason.  Questions may also be sent via email to 
Village Green Board
P.O. Box 22117
Knoxville, TN 37933